Hayward Shoreline Orchard Oriole 8/31


I visited the Hayward Shoreline this morning to see if there was any movement on the bay or migrants passing through.  Upon arrival I found absolutely no activity around the trees at the end of Winton Ave.  I quickly made my way out to the bay only to find the normal shorebird species and numbers.  Surprisingly no ruddy turnstones were present.  On my way back to the car I heard a soft chet note coming from the large Eucalyptus tree next to the old office building.  Having grown up birding on the East Coast I immediately recognized the call as an ORCHARD ORIOLE.  After 5 minutes I was finally able to see the oriole and catch the very bright green-yellow breast, dark wings with contrasting white wing bars, and relatively short tailed.  Luckily there was also a female HOODED ORIOLE in the same tree for comparison of tail length and breast color.

Good birding,

Zach Baer

Hayward, CA

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