Re: [SBB] Common Murres in the bay and the Farallon Islands added: (historical notes on Common Murres inside the Bay....

Mike Feighner

from my notes for SBB:

8-29-1997 single Common Murre, Calabasas Ponds, single sickly juvenile
passing in slough under viewing platform, likely not to have survived

from my notes for EBB:

8-25-2000 (pre 9-11 and 14 years ago TODAY) , single adult near Pt. Isabel,
Richmond, just 500 feet north of the Alameda / Contra Costa County line


Michael Feighner

Livermore, CA, Alameda County



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Hi all:

Recent trips out of Half Moon Bay had Common Murres in the harbor and Common
Murres have been reported in Richmond Harbor over the weekend. This seems
like the kind of year where a Common Murre will show up in the south bay.
Worth watching for.

In related news, the SCVAS Farallon Field Seminar with Alvaro's Adventures
was cancelled two weeks ago due to some extraordinary weather conditions.
The sea has calmed and we're heading to the Farallons out of Half Moon Bay
this Friday, August 29th. The shift from a weekend trip to a Friday trip
has created some openings. While the breeding birds of the Farallons are
the main item on our menu, including thousands of Common Murre, and the much
sought-after Tufted Puffin, we'll be looking for the west coast's only
known Northern Gannet, the Brown Booby we found on our 8/02 trip, the two
Blue-footed Boobies photographed on the island just last week, and will add
some birding along the continental shelf to the mix. If interested, please
contact me directly at bob at

Good birding,

Bob Power

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