Re: Solitary Sandpiper in Coyote Hills

Joe Morlan

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GPS coordinates don't mean a thing to me.
I think they can be very useful even if you don't own a GPS. E.g. in this
case, if you paste John Cant's (37.5595, -122.0810) coordinates into Google

it returns a map with an arrow pointing to exactly where the bird was seen.
In this case...

Earlier posted coordinates (37.557986,-122.085781) by Bob Toleno show the
bird slightly to the west. The latest report by Bill Clark with a helpful
map shows the bird considerably east of previous sightings.

Most modern smart-phones have a GPS feature attached to their mapping
programs and I would encourage observers to continue to note the
coordinates of their rarity sightings and including that information when

Thanks and good luck.
Joseph Morlan, Pacifica, CA
"It turns out we're very good at not seeing things" - Jack Hitt

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