Re: Continuing RED-NECKED STINT, Contra Costa

Bob Power <rcpower@...>

The Stint continued through 10:45 and m.ob. on-site when I left.

The treatment plant has a parking area and an admin office where many of us signed in.  I assume the early group was scoping from Richmond Parkway looking into the ponds from the west.
When I arrived the gates were open (accessed via Pittsburg/Garden Tract Rd. intersection) and birders were at the SW corner of the northermost pond; better access to the pond but also more potential for flushing the bird.  And likely not available to folks arriving in the evening. I may post some photos, but John Sterling's put mine to shame. 

Nice work Logan!

Bob Power
Oakland, CA

On Monday, July 21, 2014 8:07 AM, "Logan Kahle logan@... [EBB_Sightings]" wrote:

Hi all,
The adult breeding RED-NECKED STINT that I found last evening continues this morning, tending to the Northmost pond. Many photos were taken and expert opinion confirmed the specific ID.
It was first spotted this morning by Jon Dunn.
Good birding,

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