Junco family in Walnut Creek


Within a few days after Rosita and I returned from Chile in early June, I saw our female Dark-eyed Junco feeding a baby Cowbird in our patio.  It is not the first time we have had this happen.  The significance this year is that the mother does not have a left foot.  We have no idea how she lost it, but she has been coming to our patio for a long time.  We were happy to know she was a mother and doing well, just not so crazy about the baby she was raising.

She has been present many times since, sometimes with a male, sometimes he is alone.  Today she brought a fledgling Junco with her.  This makes us even happier.  It seems like quite an accomplishment for her, though she seems to move around in our patio without any difficulty.

Fred Safier and I had independent 5-Heron days in Heather Farm Park this morning.  One each of Great and Snowy Egret, one Great Blue Heron, one Black-crowned Night-Heron and two Green Heron chicks.  Now all we need is the American Bittern which was here last winter.

Hugh B. Harvey

Walnut Creek

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