A little help please - mystery flycatcher, maybe ash throated?

Mike Shannon

Hi folks, while hiking at around Valley we saw this beautiful bird. I am thinking it is an Ash Throated Flycatcher. The brown tail and beautiful raised crown made me lean that way. I would love to hear others view on this.

Btw, also saw western bluebirds, a whole tree full of them on the downslope into the round valley and a lark sparrow along the dry creek. Of course, many finches, a few robins, a red tailed hawk, crows, turkey vultures, scrub jays, some swallows ( not sure which ones)

Mike Shannon
Castro Valley


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A pair of Phainopeplas was present in their usual (mid-April to mid-July) area of Lime Ridge in Walnut Creek this afternoon at 1:00.  To get to the Phainopepla spot, park at the trailhead opposite the clubhouse of the Boundary Oaks golf course at the end of Valley Vista Road.  Walk up the Ohlone Trail (the only trail) and turn left at the first trail junction, staying on the Ohlone Trail.  You will soon come to a gate.  Start watching and listening for the Phainopeplas from this point along the trail past the upper end of the golf driving range.  Also present in the area were a couple singing Rufous-crowned Sparrows and typical oak savannah birds.

Happy birding,

Joel Herr

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