Re: Possible The yellow-billed loon (Gavia adamsii) in Contra Costa Co.

John Sterling

I checked the photos and can state that the bird is a Yellow-billed Loon.  Very nice find and only the second record for the entire Central Valley.  I'll plan on looking for it tomorrow.  If you are unsure of an ID, you can always contact me directly with photos to review in a timely fashion.  I drove near that location yesterday on my way home and if I had known about it then, I would have been able to stop and see it.

congrats again on a great record....keep it up!


John Sterling

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 Yesterday, 5/23/2014 conducting observations on Clifton Court Forebay I found a possible Yellow-billed Loon, however please be noted id is not yet confirmed. This and other observations from this location in the eBird checklist (including pictures of the loon). Most local rarity I've seen in the eastern part of the Forebay, however, the loon was seen in the northern part. For those who are not familiar with this area, please refer to the map included in the eBird checklist, enter the Clifton Court Forebay from Clifton Court Rd. off Byron Hwy. 

Good birding, 

Albert W. Linkowski

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