juvenile Western Grebes, Calaveras Res.

Bob Power <rcpower@...>

Hi all,

A drive along Calaveras Res. this afternoon showed 5 Western Grebe juveniles in
Alameda Co., just over the Santa Clara Co. line.
I'm leaping to the conclusion that these are breeding birds from either Santa
Clara or Alameda County. First time in a while, maybe 5 years or more.
This follows a pattern seen in California reservoirs where vegetation flourishes
in areas of drought stricken reservoirs, and then
the grebes take advantage of that vegetation in a year of abundant rainfall to
either build or anchor their nests.

"Our only county nesting records are from Calaveras Reservoir in the
1990s. Grebes tend to be late nesting birds and they have been
attracted in the past in central California to reservoirs that have
filled up after a few drought years as they support their nests on
woody vegetation that grew on the reservoir floor during the
drought." Bill Bousman

Good birding,

Bob Power
Oakland, CA

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