Pleasanton kingbirds, Orinda Bald eagle


In a late day ride today from Bernal Ave in Pleasanton to Calaveras Road, a kingbird crossed in front of me on Palomona Way near Sunol, joining two others in a roadside tree.  By the time I could cross the heavily trafficed road to get a closer look they were heading north over the hills; assume they were Westerns but didn't get a close enough look to verify.  Luckily as I followed their flight I noticed a kettle of Turkey Vultures and then below them feeding on the ground what  turned out to be a Golden Eagle.  A minute later a Northern Harrier flew right over my head, so in a couple minutes I had three species I've never seen in many rides through that stretch.
At my final stop at the ponds off Laguna Creek Lane & Valley Ave was a Wilson's Snipe, Greater Yellowlegs and a few Buffleheads and Gadwall.
On Sunday morning Jim Chiropolos and I hiked the Oursan Trail off Bear Valley Road and San Pablo Dam road near Orina.  We saw the expected early migrants including quite a few Wilson's Warblers and a few Pac Slope Flycatchers. Our highlight was an immature Bald Eagle soaring near the west end of Briones Reservoir. On the other side of the size spectrum we enjoyed watching a Brown Creeper gather nesting material from just a few feet away, oblivious to our presence.  Lastly, a  few Wood Ducks and Common Mergansers were flying along the creek. 
Derek Heins

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