Hammond's Flycatcher at Garin - detailed directions and photo


Thanks to Bob Dunn who'd seen the bird earlier and pointed me towards it, I found the HAMMOND'S FLYCATCHER around 10:30 this morning.  I waited on the bench for no more than five minutes before the bird popped into view and curiously watched me.  At one point, a male lesser goldfinch chased the Hammond's around, but both came back. Photo here:
Other birds of note seen:
PACIFIC SLOPE FLYCATCHER - bright yellow with bright orange bill, vocalizing, in the trees at the cut across the creek north of Jordan Pond
WARBLING VIREO - same place as PSFL
BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK - singing, in the trees between the cut and the picnic area that is perpendicular to the main trail north of Jordan Pond (Bob also saw a BROWN CREEPER in this area)
BULLOCK'S ORIOLE - singing, in the trees above the picnic tables at the north end of the park
Wild turkeys were gobbling on the hillside, western bluebirds were on the fences on the hillside, and a red-tailed hawk flew in to the tall eucalyptus on the hillside near previous years' nest site.
Directions to the Hammond's flycatcher:
Veer right after the entry kiosk and park in the southernmost lot if it is open.  Today, park maintenance had the south lots closed.  If you have to park in the north lot, walk back to the southernmost lot.  You will see a dirt footpath on the poppy-strewn hillside just above the creek.  The only signs on this footpath say "Park Rules" and "Dogs on Leash". Follow the footpath, keeping the creek on your left.  You will go down a steep section and pass a flooded cut-through to the main trail.  Ignore that and keep going south with the creek on your left.  You'll come to a garbage can and a bench and a sign that says "Attention Anglers". The Hammond's was on the creek side across from the bench.  You can get to the site by following the main trail past the picnic areas, but you will have to ford the creek at the cut-through where it is ankle-deep and only has a precariously narrow log to balance across.  You can go all the way around Jordan Pond
clockwise from the picnic areas, but you will still have to ford the creek as the pond has overflowed across the trail into the channel on the other side.  It is shallow at that point, but slippery.  The Hammond's site is no more than 5 minutes from the parking lot on the dirt footpath.  Be aware that this park is very busy on weekends; if you go, go early.
Stephanie Floyd

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