Re: Locations of sightings

Bob Power <rcpower@...>

Greg, I'm as guilty as the next person. We'll all be good for a while and then
we'll slip. I don't think anyone would object to a direct question like: "Could
you be more specific about this location?" Don't hesitate to ask for more
clarity directly from the person who posts a sighting.
Good birding,
Bob Power
Oakland, CA

From: "" <>
Sent: Tue, September 21, 2010 6:47:56 PM
Subject: [EBB_Sightings] Locations of sightings

Hi There,

I must admit to not knowing the entire area covered by EBB. I would think others
on the list or someone just moving into the area, may feel the same. May I
suggest putting the City of the location of a posted sightings? It would be
helpful in finding the location.



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