African Grey Parrot-Oakland

Mark Rauzon

Last night I heard what sounded like a sound detector - low battery alert, repeated every 10 sec. As I looked for the source in my backyard, a bird flushed out of the towering redwood next door, leaving me at a total loss as to what it was. (only guess Band-tailed Pigeon).

This morning, a commotion of crows drew me outside to see the murder harassing a Red tailed Hawk and chasing it off- then I heard a weird screech and saw a bird blast out of the redwood. In the morning light a vermilion tail was obvious and cinched the ID as someone's lost parrot. 

Also yesterday I failed to find the Tufted Duck, but saw it the day (Wed) sporting a fine plumed tuft, near the Rotary Cnt in Lake Merritt: I also saw 3 Common Mergansers on Wed. in the lake.

Sunday is the Lake Merritt Bioblitz so hopefully these fowl can be refund. I will be doing the Laney Channel and could use for help. Email me if you are interested.


Mark Rauzon
Glenview, Oakland

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