Vega Gull at San Leandro Marina yesterday

Noah Arthur

Hi. Sorry for the late posting. Yesterday Jack Hayden and I gulled at San Leandro Marina and Lake Merritt, finding very large numbers of gulls at the Marina but few at the Lake. The Marina was probably the best I've seen it in terms of numbers, with much of the northernmost parking lot covered in gulls, with many more on the adjacent water. Best gull was a first-cycle bird matching all the characteristics of 'VEGA' GULL.
As you all probably know, there won't be many gulls at the marina Mondays through Saturdays because the nearby landfill is open and they will be foraging there. They'll be coming to bathe on "Tufted Duck Slough" on the north side of Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline during high and outgoing tides.
Noah Arthur, Oakland, CA

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