Re: Slaty-backed Gull at Ferry Point

Todd Easterla


Funny how Steve should mention that this might be the same bird from across
the bay. I was looking at my images from the 2011 Ferry Point/ Miller Knox
run and this individual was one of the same two birds that I found on
02/11/2011. Since then this same bird, without much streaking in the head
(in fact, it is mostly in the back of his neck), has been seen almost every
year since then. I also wonder if this is the same bird that I found in San
Francisco County at Fort Baker in 2012?? That would mean if it is this is
his or her third year that we know of returning from who knows where?

This individual is easily told in flight by the leucistic (white) feathers
in the primary coverts of the birds right wing.

Todd Easterla

Fair Oaks, Ca.

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This morning around 11:00 I had an adult Slaty-backed Gull at Ferry Point.
It was foraging on the pilings under the old pier and was generally a pain
in the ass to see, although it was kind enough to flash open a wing to show
off its string of pearls before retreating under the pier. This was a very
white-headed individual and is most likely the same bird that has been
making appearances at herring runs around the bay this winter and last (and
spent some time here for the big herring run a year ago).

Good luck,

Steve Tucker


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