Update on Pt. Richmond Herring Run


We visited Ferry Point this morning along with Dave Quady. There were now at least 25 fishing boats and gull activity had picked up considerably since yesterday. Most of the gull activity was along the breakwater extending west from Brooks Island, but there numerous gulls near Ferry Point, and a couple of groups north along the shoreline towards Miller-Knox Regional Park. There was some herring roe on the kelp at Ferry Point, but not yet so thick as in preceding years. Large rafts of ducks have not yet appeared. Since so many fishing boats are still active, I suspect the event will continue to increase, and perhaps expand to the shoreline north and west of Ferry Point.


P.S. Sorry for the multiple posts yesterday. That was the first time posting by email from  my phone and it initially failed, so I posted directly on the group site, but my initial message must have been successfully resent later in the day.


Tony Brake

Pt. Richmond

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