Contra Loma Res. 2-1-14

Bernt Pettersson

Birded with a friend in preparation for my Lamorinda Seniors Bird Watch here on Wed. 2-5. Was amazed at the variety of birds spotted. Started out with observing an  Am. Kestrel on top of his box devouring a Lizard, we were less then 10 ft. away, no bins needed. Spotted Green Herons on 6 occasions and there most have been at least 3 around. 2 Kingfishers put on a aerial display over the water (territorial dispute or breeding ritual??), Anna's HB. everywhere fetching insects. Golden Eyes, White Pelicans, Killdeers just to name a few.
If anyone of all the expert birders from MDAS be interested in helping us out we be delighted, I know our MDAS VP. lives in the area so Paul, if you have the time. We accept all the free help and advise we can get. Group will meet in last parking lot near swimming area around 10:am and proceed clock wise.
Happy birding to all,


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