Re: trash

Raleigh McLemore

Beth and I have had the same concerns.  We worried that we might disturb some birds we couldn't see by poking around and couldn't reach much without trampling on things.  The Oakland Tool Lending Library has extension light bulb removers and they might do the least amount of damage to the surrounding mudflat because they can grip can sized objects from a safe place on the shore.  Swimming pool nets are also a possibility as they can pick up paper, etc., but have the same potential danger of "dragging" through the grass and mud and disturbing a nest or bird that you can't see from a distance. Maybe the best thing is to try to keep to the banks and away from the areas that we can't see, get the obvious stuff before it floats further inland.

I know Beth and I would be willing to take a low tide morning or afternoon, bring some heavy garbage bags, gloves and do some clean up but I'd like to hear from the Save the Bay folks before we set this up.  Hate to do more harm than good.

With firm handshake,
Raleigh and Beth

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