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Mike Shannon

We stopped and lingered at Lake Merritt early this afternoon.  We did see one tufted duck in among a modest flock of scaup (mostly lesser but a few greater).  We saw that red tail on the island and a lone song sparrow in a bush.  Of course, lots of coot, some double crested cormorants on the floats and a few mallards.  We noticed a few western grebes as well.

Mike Shannon

On Jan 1, 2014, at 4:55 PM, Bob Power <rcpower@...> wrote:


Hi all,

Miller-Knox was unproductive this afternoon w/no Wigeon or Merganser flock.
The Richmond Marina was equally unproductive. No Scoters of any variety.
Things picked up at the Albany crescent. I accessed the area from Central Ave.
Shorebirds were abundant and mixed in was one lone RED KNOT.

Foraging with Northern Shovelers was a male and female BLUE-WINGED TEAL.

From there I stopped at Emery Pt. and had 2 male and 3 female REDHEAD.

I stopped at the east end of Lake Merritt and the Scaup flock was non-existent. Early November levels
were scattered around the lake, but the big numbers took a powder. No Tufted Duck, no Goldeneyes of
any flavor from that end of the Lake. I did not explore the channel.

I was stopped by a biker who thought he saw an Eagle in one of the island trees and it had rope hanging from its legs...
I speculated that it was the 10th anniversary return of the Saker Falcon, but when I could get a look at the bird it had
morphed into a Red-tailed Hawk, and there is simply rope wrapped around the limbs of the tree where the bird was perched.

Good birding in 2014,

Bob Power
Oakland, CA

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