some neighbors remain welcoming Re: Redstart good news bad news

David Couch

Thanks, Judi S, for the (unfortunate) update about visiting Mr. Painted Redstart, 2733 Woolsey St. I was there also when the property owner spoke with us at around 12. I also spoke later to our local benefactor Katie on Prince St, who not only found the bird last week but also has executed two stunning little color artworks of our painted visitor from down south.

The oak tree at 2733 Woolsey is almost impossible to see from the sidewalk of either Prince or Woolsey streets, but some neighbors have been welcoming, such as Katie herself on Prince and her neighbor at 2718 Prince (knock first), as well as Barb/Barbara at 2737 Woolsey (right next door to 2733), who has also asked that people knock at her door first. Of course all this door-knocking might get old or perhaps already has gotten old!

I read on this listserv that some tenants at 2733 told us we could walk down the driveway, but not their names, so we could not say to the property owner, "Oh, Jane [made-up name] said we could come and look!" So it might be helpful to others if one of you knows the first name of somebody who gave permission to visit and will allow us to give their name. I believe tenants are perfectly free to welcome and entertain visitors to their homes and yards, even after a property owner has asked other individuals not to visit (or "camp," as he put it).

PS I walked up the driveway WITH the property owner; I was wondering where his binoculars were! In the ten minutes or so I was there, I was lucky enough to see the redstart too, while we tried (unsuccessfully) to convince the owner that we were harmless, innocent and earnest nature-lovers who had been considerate of the tenants and neighbors and whose quarry would likely be moving on in a few days.
- David Couch, Berkeley

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