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C Lou

The Painted Redstart continues in the large oak as described before. Friday 845.
Calvin Lou

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Male Painted Redstart is still present in large Oak Tree behind 2733 Woosley Street.  Got great brief repeated looks.  Thanks to the FedEx guy for spotting it.

Michael Feighner
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[EBB_Sightings] Painted Redstart in Berkeley

Good Morning!  
The painted redstart in my yard on Prince St. in Berkeley has been seen again today. It is in a mixed flock of chickadees and warblers and seems to roam a route in between Prince St. and Woolsey St. east of College Ave. It can be rather vocal and is best noticed by listening for it's 2 note call.  For more specific directions to my yard here please call 860-501-2444. 
Katie Bertsche  

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