Bobolink at Oyster Bay

Noah Arthur

This morning, while looking for blackbirds along the east side of Oyster Bay Regional Park, I flushed something that looked like a tiny yellowish meadowlark on the hillside at the northeast corner of the park. I knew what that was going to be, so I stalked it until it perched up on a fennel stalk, where I got excellent views and some pretty good photos of the bright yellowish fall-plumaged BOBOLINK. It flushed and landed several times, but always stayed in the fennel at the northeast corner of the park, just uphill (south) from where the trail that extends from Davis Street enters the park. This is just to the east of a large fenced enclosure (where the pipits like to land out-of-sight when I'm trying to get good views of them).
I don't think this area is accessible from Davis Street, unfortunately, so anybody who wants to see the bird will have to park at the Neptune Drive entrance and walk. 
Noah Arthur, Oakland

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