Re: RT Pipit and Common Tern

Cal Walters

Pipit still there at 5:30 but flew into the marsh. May likely return.

Cal Walters

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In addition to the RED-THROATED PIPIT, there was A CLAY-COLORED SPARROW in the sparrow
flock by the metal structure at Arrowhead Marsh.

Calvin Lou

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The red-throated pipit remains in a loose flock of American pipits in the area near the metal sculpture. Graham Chisholm

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> Hi Birders-
> As I reported earlier by phone-email, the Red-throated Pipit at Arrowhead Marsh was seen very well at about 10:15 when it flew in with a few American Pipits. It and all of the Americans had been seen about 45 minutes earlier but flew away when a Cooper's Hawk and Peregrine Falcon came by at the same time. After that I headed to Crab Cove and Ballena Bay where the tide was too high for the Ruff and I couldn't find it among many other shorebirds on rocks waiting out the tide. At the end of the road at Ballena Bay where there is a 'private' dirt lot, I saw one Common tern on the seawall.
> Dave Weber,
> Milpitas

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