Re: Townsed's Solitare, Morgan Territory

janet ellis

I went to Morgan Territory to find the Townsend's Solitaire. Followed the trail to Whipsnake and stopped at the cattle pond. Saw couple or RS Flickers and one landed at the edge of the water to get a drink along with the Juncos in the big tree. Heard a sound and saw the Juncos take off. Turned around and partials of two raptors trying for them on the other side of the tree. Don't know if they were the Prairie Falcons or Coopers. Light colored and streaking or barring is all I could make out, and disappeared before I got around the tree. Then ran into Steve Tracy who thought the Solitaire was at the other pond. Spent some time there and returned to the first pond. Saw a flicker in a tree on the far west side. Next to it was another bird. Steve walked closer. Then I heard his camera clicking, knew it was it. It flew to the big tree by the path where we were at before. Told him I bet it wants to get a drink. Sure enough it went down to the pond and we took the shots. 
Thanks Steve
Will post when I get home

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...drinking from the cattle pond, Whipsnake trail. Also, exquisite immature Golden Eagle and two Prairie Falcons soaring about.

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