Ruff continues at Crown Beach

Noah Arthur

This evening Michael Park, Mark Rauzon, and myself got excellent views of the juvenile RUFF as he foraged along the shoreline between the Crab Cove Visitor Center and concrete jetty (jetty? pier?) just to the south, with a flock of GREATER YELLOWLEGS. He was the drabbest shorebird on the beach but somehow the most beautiful, strikingly well-patterned compared to the yellowlegs -- and only slightly smaller than them, so probably an actual Ruff rather than a Reeve. He was a tough guy, too -- he gave the big yellowlegs the run-around every time they tried to drive him away from a choice tract of rotten kelp. Once, a yellowlegs sidled up to the Ruff and tried to bump him away -- and he, of course, turned the tables and aimed a good peck at the bigger bird!
Thanks, Anthony F., for finding such a rare and interesting bird!
Noah Arthur, Oakland, CA

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