Coyote Hills - Saga Thrasher, Hermit Thrushs, Yellow Warblers, and more

George A Suennen

Hello all,

Went out this morning with Allen H. As he reported earlier, we were greeted by a large crowd
watching the Sage Thrasher, who was being very cooperative while we were there.

We went over to the visitor center/butterfly garden then walked up the hill on the Quail
Trail. Spotted a House Wren at the butterfly garden, along with a few Anna's Hummingbirds,
Golden-crowned and White-crowned Sparrows, a Hutton's Vireo, California Towhee, and a
few Scrub-Jays. On the Quail trail we spotted a few Hermit Thrush, a Bewick's and a House
Wren, three Yellow Warblers (near the crest of the trail). There was also a Rock Wren climbing
the large Rock behind the visitor center and a Say's and Black Phoebe in the trees to the north.
Also a noisy Northern Flicker was sighted in the bushes to the east of the trail.

I posted my photos at:

Best Regards,

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