Re: Hayward Shoreline (10/4) - Sparrow ID Help Needed

Mike Shannon

I don’t usually know what I am talking about but this looks like a Vesper Sparrow to me. The field mark that catches my eye besides the facial pattern is what looks like white outer tail feathers,  which differentiates it from a Savannah Sparrow.


Mike Shannon


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This (10/4) afternoon, I joined a group of people from Ohlone Audubon Society looking for Chestnut-collared and Lapland Longspur that Bob Richmond saw earlier in the morning at Mt Trashmore.  We scanned almost the entire area and did not find either species. 


I saw and photographed a sparrow on the east side of the trail between canals which I could not identify.  Here is the shot of the bird:


The structure of the bird is similar to Savannah.  It has faint extended eyebrow, dark eye stripe, pale lores, white eyering, dark malar stripe, buffy sub-moustachial strip, lightly streaked nap, white wingbars (not shown on the image), black/rusty primaries with white edges and dark tail feather with buffy edges.  The leg is flesh color.


Other species we saw at Mt Trashmore include:

American Pipit (8)

Savannah Sparrow (several) - including a very cooperative and beautiful individual bird with bright eyebrow and fairly large bill which I don't think it's the rostratus sub-species ("Large-billed Sparrow") because of the yellow eyebrow and overall colors (pic 

Western Meadowlark (4)

Say's Phoebe (1)

peeps (several) - flying towards the Bay.


Happy Birding,


Jerry Ting




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