New kid on the block - Juvenile Cooper's Hawk- Alameda


Of course it's just one possibility, but the absence of my regular
Cooper's at the patio this summer might be that it was raising young.
This morning I got up to look out from the kitchen onto the patio
because a crow was making unfamiliar sounds. I spotted it in a nearby
tree and surprsingly about ten feet away from it in the same tree there
was a juvenile Cooper's Hawk. The hawk preened for a while, then chased
off the annoying crow, and returned to preen some more before finally
flying off.
Maybe this juvee was occupying my old friend during the summer, i.e.,
the hawk (Red Eye) who returned a couple of weeks ago. Could be its
offspring. It was alone, but somehow it knows about my small patio.
I don't think its presence will be tolerated for long by the resident
bird (parent?).
Here's a shot of it pausing to survey the area:

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