Red Phalaropes in Berkeley

Aaron Maizlish

This morning before work at a very low tide (about 8:30AM) I stopped
at some of my usual spots. At the "Sea Breeze Market Cove" - the
outlet just south of University Ave and west of the Frontage Road -
there was a tight group of 36 Dowitchers feeding near the shore.
Long-billed, I think. More than half still in summer plumage with
rufous bellies. Good numbers of Killdeer, as there have been all

I went back at 6 PM at another low tide. The Dowitchers were much
closer to University Ave. Also in the channel were two Red-necked
Phalaropes in basic plumage. They were quite close in to the new
pedestrian bridge.

I've been checking out the Albany mudflats. There are increasing
numbers of Black-bellied Plovers (20ish) and Semipalmated Plovers
(40ish) that are often close to the road. I also had a single
Red-necked Phalarope there last week.

Aaron Maizlish
San Francisco/Emeryville

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