Lawrence's Goldfinch in Palomares Hills (Casto Valley)

Mike Shannon

I have been hearing him all day long and finally spotted him in a tree near
my feeder. Not in breeding plumage (maybe it is a female). The call is

Mike Shannon

Castro Valley


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Subject: [EBB_Sightings] Wandering Tattler Richmond Marina

A wandering tattler was present at the middle of the north side of the
Richmond Marina Wednesday night. I presumably also saw the same tattler
Friday night at the northeast corner of the Marina. Also present in the
marina were 7 black oysttercatchers which may be my high count while birding
and biking the marina.

Also of note - first sanderlings of the year at meeker slough along with 3
greter scalp and one northern shoveler. The brandt were not observed.

Posted to the list serve at 11 am Thursday, but for some reason my posts are

Good birding!


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