MacGillavrays warbler Emeryville

j.chiropolos <j.chiropolos@...>

I found a MacGillavrays warbler in Emeryville this morning (August 20) in the "magic hedge" by my office. I heard it last night and thought by its chip note it was a Macs, it it did not want to be seen last night. It was still around this morning, and allowed good looks.

Knowing the chip notes can make a difference - and the hard chip of the Macs is distictive...

The magic hedge is below the popular trees west of the Cheveys restuarant by I-80 and Powell street by the watergate ofice towers.

The migration season in on! This is the second warbler I have seen here this year. Interestedly, I think both birds flew in between 1 pm and 5 pm - not over the night, as they were not appear to be present at noon...
Good birding!

(Posted to the list at 8:30 am August 20)

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