RFI from out of town birder--best places to bird in a limited time?

birdspazz <birdspazz@...>

Hello, everyone!

My name is Jennifer and I will be arriving in San Francisco this evening. I have been birding for five years, but have never birded on the west coast, so even most of the common birds will be lifers for me. I'm coming to California to visit family, but I want to get in some birding (I will have four days). I have a list of birding spots in San Francisco, but of those, which might be the best for seeing shorebirds/seabirds/gulls?

I will actually be staying in Walnut Creek, and my family members live in Orinda, so if there are any good inland spots nearby, I would like to hear about them as well.

Finally, I am supposed to go to John Muir Woods to see the sequoia trees. Are there any birding opportunities there or nearby?

Thank you so much,

Jennifer Ambrose
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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