Common Tern in Alameda

Mark Rauzon

This is the time of year to look for Common Terns, as Michael Park
reported for Middle Harbor. At high tide today I went to
Ballena Bay in Alameda, and found one perched on the
same stick where a year ago I saw one. I wonder if it's the same bird?

I got a diagnostic photo of it flying, showing the dark edge of primary
feathers in the first shot and the shorter tail and thinner bill in the
second photo.

To reach this area, go through the Posey tube to the end of Webster,
turn right on Central Ave. and go north, past Crab Cove for several
more blocks and turn left at Ballena Bay and go all the way out that
road to the dog park at the end. The terns were on the breakwater at
high tide at 1 pm today, along with a couple common and 10 elegant
terns, 200 forster's terns, 1 heermann's gull, 3 black oystercatchers,
12 black
turnstones, and 7 greater yellowlegs.

Do a good tern daily.

Mark Rauzon

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