Miscellaneous East Bay shoreline


Yesterday I rode my bike down from Oakland down to Coyote Hills, with a
few stops to scan through the shorebirds, etc. Nothing very unusual, but
did have a couple Ruddy Turnstones hanging out with the terns, Black
Turnstones and Surfbird at San Leandro. The numbers of Willets and Marbled
Godwits seem to have grown quite a bit in the last week or so. Couldn’t
find any Red Knots at Frank’s Dump, but did have about 50 phalaropes
(probably red-necked) far off in the eastern ponds. Did spot a couple Snowy
Plovers there also. I didn’t spend much time at Coyote Hills but did see
an Orange-crowned Warbler just outside the visitor center, and probably the
highlight of the ride was 6 Lesser Yellowlegs by the boardwalk feeding
alongside 10 Greater Yellowlegs.

Derek Heins

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