Alameda shorebirds

Noah Arthur

Hi everybody.

I've been birding the Alameda shoreline (vicinity of Elsie Roemer Bird Sanctuary) a few times lately, during the evening low tide. My very poor shorebirds skills have made this endeavor very difficult, but I've seen a few interesting birds. Yesterday there were two RED KNOTS, one near the Elsie Roemer viewing deck, the other farther north along the shoreline, the latter with much more reddish plumage still attached.

On Friday evening, I photographed a postbreeding adult peep that MIGHT HAVE BEEN a bright SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPER just off the end of the viewing deck; I sent a photo to a very good birder I know, and he says it looks good for Semi but needs to see more pictures to be sure. To me it doesn't look like any peep in any of the books, North American, Eurasian, or otherwise. I'll keep you all posted...
Here are some pictures of it, if anybody wants to take a crack at the ID:

Noah Arthur, Oakland

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