Pelican Paradise- Coyote Hills Regional Park- Hayward


I visited Coyote on Wednesday about 4PM to trek out to what I call
Pelican Pond (it's actually called D.U.S.T. Marsh). As I approached the
area I saw many (30?) American White Pelicans flying out from the marsh
probably headed for North Marsh and was afraid there would be nothing to
see. Was I wrong!
It was spectacular. beautiful American Whites were fishing, bathing,
preening, sunning and dosing all within one large body of water
perimetered with cat-tails. And best of all, a near island not more
than 80 feet away from the path was covered with pelicans. They could be
viewed easily with the naked eye or binoculars. They seemed to be
completely oblivious of human presence. You were just looking in on
their world.
Here are a couple of pictures of the treat:
A group of pelicans on the island, preening in the sun:
A dosing pair (juveniles?):
Here is a map to the location:
On it look for the Pin Labels: "Coyote Hills- Pelican Viewing" and
"Coyote Hills- Path to Pelicans". It is the path marked on trail posts
as: Chochenyo Trail.
There is a park entry fee ($5?).

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