Garretson Point and Arrowhead Marsh


I went to Garretson Point mid-day yesterday and found the four previously reported BLUE-WINGED TEAL in the pond across from the parking lot. They were hiding on the slough side of the pond, and I had to scope from three sides of the pond before I found them. Glad I didn't give up! Two NORTHERN PINTAILS remain on the pond as well as a couple of NORTHERN SHOVELERS in addition to GREEN-WINGED TEAL, CINNAMON TEAL, and AMERICAN WIGEONS. The slough held a COMMON GOLDENEYE and both EARED and HORNED grebes, one or two in fantastic breeding plumage.

I got to Arrowhead Marsh right at low tide - that's what no planning ahead will do for you - but I still found one CLAPPER RAIL bathing in a puddle left by the outgoing tide. A BARN SWALLOW flew out from under the pier.

Five CASPIAN TERNS were at the fenced-in pond near the burrowing owl berms (no burrowing owls seen).

Stephanie Floyd

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