Coyote Hills 6/25/13

janet ellis

Was hoping for the European Goldfinch but no luck. Did run into to some birders who were searching for the Great Horned Owls. So I tagged along. As we were approaching the Hoot Hollow I spotted a Gray Fox. It didn't run but sat down. We walked to about 30 and it came to us. We photographed it and then continued to look for the owls. The eagle eye of the group spotted the Adult on a lower branch of the home tree, and we went up to photograph it. Then we noticed the fox had followed us. Not long after one of the owlets was spotted in a smaller pine tree not far off. I went off to still look for the European Goldfinch. I approached the large Eucalyptus behind the VC and up the hill, to hear lots of birds. But it was mostly House Finch, immature Bullock's Orioles, immature Scrub Jays and lots of Hummingbirds. Many bees too and what I call ankle biter poison oak.
After I returned to the trail I ran into the owl finders. And what would happen? They spotted the other owlet just above where I was standing.
In the marsh I spotted a pair of Cinnamon Teal. I continued down to the Muskrat trail since I've never been before. Spotted the adult N. Harrier and it spotted me. As I went about 200ft up the trail the Harrier was starting to make low passes over me, warning me not to go any further. I healed the warning and left. Two rangers believe that is where the immature ones were hiding.
Owls we found and others

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