Re: European Goldfinch

Jerry Ting

I refound the male European Goldfinch behind the nectar garden carrying nesting material around 5:30PM this (6/24) afternoon. Here is the shot:

I did see a female type goldfinch on the same tree but was not able to confirm whether it's a female EUGO or not.

There were lots of fledgling Bullock's and Hooded Orioles around the Hoot Hollow area.

The Northern Harrier continue their food exchange behavior in the Main Marsh between Chochenyo and Muskrat trails. Here are a couple of shots from Saturday (6/22):

I saw 4 juveniles up in the air at the same time trying to catch the food from the male.

Happy Birding,

Jerry Ting

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There was a European Goldfinch present around the Hoot Hollow area at Coyote Hills between 1:30 and 3:00 pm. There were also House Finches, Bullock's Orioles, Anna's and Allen's Hummers, Bushtits, Bewick's Wrens, and the hooting of the Great Horned Owl. With the influx of crayfish in the main marsh, there were numerous Great Blue Herons, Great and Snowy Egrets, Great Tailed Grackles, Forster's Terns, Western Gulls and Black Crowned Night Herons.

James Watts

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