Richmond Great-tailed Grackle (local interest)

Laura Look <chamaea@...>

This morning (Mon., May 13) about 11:15 am, a male GREAT-TAILED GRACKLE flew past the Wildcat Marsh Trail in Richmond.

Although they are often seen around Waterbird Regional Preserve near Martinez, this is the first I've seen on this side of Contra Costa County. The bird flew past the Wildcat Marsh and Creek Trails and disappeared into trees south of Wildcat Creek.

The Wildcat Marsh Trail runs between the trailhead for the Landfill Loop Trail (at the end of Parr Blvd) and the tail of the Wildcat Creek Trail. The closest parking to the area where I saw the grackle would be the Wildcat Creek Trailhead, accessible along the west side of Richmond Parkway southbound between Pittsburg Ave and Gertrude Ave. Follow the Wildcat Creek Trail about 0.25 miles to the Wildcat Marsh Trail.

Wild Turkeys, including chicks, were among the solar panels near the Landfill Loop Trailhead. A fuzzy half-sized "teenage" Killdeer was with adults along the Wildcat Marsh Trail.

Good birding,
Laura Look
Pinole, CA

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