Mitchell Canyon

Derek Heins <derek.heins@...>

I birded Mitchell Canyon from 7:30 to 1pm today. A Cooper's Hawk met me at the gate leading to the main trail as a single Band-tailed Pigeon watched from a nearby tree. A Western Wood Pewee was fly-catching at the junction of the White Canyon trail. Couldn't locate Calliope Hummingbirds or Sage Sparrows up White Canyon but had great views of a few Lazuli Buntings and a pair of Yellow Warblers. I then took the main trail up to Deer Flat, where a nice flock included a two Hermit Warblers and a wheezing Gnatcatchers. Overall, the main trail was very active with Black-headed Grosbeaks, Warbling Vireos, Orange-crowned Warblers and Lazuli Buntings singing at every turn. It seemed that Swainson's Thrushes were calling everywhere I went, but I only caught a glimpse of one. Lastly, I had three Western Tanagers.

Derek Heins

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