Sunol Regional Park


I birded Sunol Regional Park today from 10:30 to 1:30. There were numerous Warbling Vireos, Orange-Crowned Warblers and Wilson's Warblers that were mostly heard. Complete list.

Dark-Eyed Junco
Chestnut-Backed Chickadee
Warbling Vireo
Cassin's Vireo
Oak Titmouse
Wilson's Warbler
Orange-Crowned Warbler
American Robin
Spotted Towhee
California Towhee
Nuttall's Woodpecker
Acorn Woodpecker
Wild Turkey
Turkey Vulture
Red-Shouldered Hawk
House Wren
Swainson's Thrush
Western Bluebird
Lazuli Bunting
Tree Swallow
Lesser Goldfinch
American Crow
Black Phoebe
Western Wood Peewee
European Starling
Anna's Hummingbird

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