Del Valle birds of interest

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My target bird, as I set out for Del Valle staging area in Moraga, was the WESTERN WOOD-PEWEE and I was not disappointed. Along the Rocky Ridge trail between its entrance and the bridge over the creek, I was able to see three individuals and hear several more. The calls were nearly constant.

For those interested in good views of the more often heard than seen WRENTIT, three individuals were clearly observed as they sang at the tops of their respective territorial shrubs along the same area as described above.

At least four pair of WOOD DUCKS were clearly seen but none on the ground or in the water. Between the bridge and the little equestrian stable all the birds were found well up in the assorted willows on the reservoir side of the road. While each of the females appeared rather calm, the males were pacing about the larger branches constantly on the look out, or so it seemed. An interesting observation which I have not made in the past.

Good birding,
Tracy Farrington
Walnut Creek

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