Richmond Bayside and Berkeley Pier 7/26/10

Dominik Mosur

Birded the tidal marshes and mudflats between Shimada Park and Pt. Isabel between 10 a.m. and 12:45 p.m. today. Good numbers of 13 species of shorebirds present though no rarities. I did add LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER (calling) and WHIMBREL for my Contra Costa County list and saw my first juvenile WESTERN SANDPIPER and juvenile WILLET of the year.

Later I walked out to the end of Berkeley Pier and strained my eyes for 15 minutes looking through the "fenced off" end toward the broken pier before getting distant looks at a pair of PIGEON GUILLEMOTS flying low over the water and disappearing in the swells as they landed. (thanks to Zach Baer for the tip on finding these)

Ironically, as I walked back to my car, I saw a PIGEON GUILLEMOT no more than 40 yards north off the pier, parallel with the 7th lightpost (about 120-140 yards out) The guillemot dove, came up with a fish in its bill, then flew back out toward the end of the pier, presumably to feed a chick (?)

There were also (4) HEERMANN'S GULLS loafing in the parking lot of the HS Lordship restaurant south of the pier parking area.

Good birding,
Dominik Mosur
San Francisco

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