Semi Sandpiper @ Hayward Shoreline on Friday

Lori Arthur <loriarthur61@...>

Hi everybody; sorry for the late post. Anyway, on Friday I briefly visited
Hayward Shoreline and found the SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPER hanging with the flock of
WESTERN SANDPIPERS at Frank's Dump. It occasionally wandered away from the
(mainly sleeping) flock, usually with one or more Westerns that were not as
sleepy as the rest. It appears to be a worn breeding adult, to me, but I'm not
sure, like a Least with dark legs and large, untidy scalloped markings on the
scapular area. I mainly made the ID by shape, because the heat-haze interfered
with seeing much plumage pattern. Other shorebirds included WILLET, SANDERLING,
AMERICAN AVOCET, and others, but I didn't have much time and mainly focused on
the peep flock. Also FORSTER'S TERN and CLIFF SWALLOW on the walk from the
parking lot.

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