Hayward Shoreline Golden Plover


I visited the Hayward Shoreline today at 10am to catch the high tide. I first headed to the landing where I found a few shorebirds hanging out on the remaining shoreline. I also noticed thousands of shorebirds flying past and soon located the Peregrine that was responsible.

In one of the airborne plover flocks was a Golden Plover which I identified by the lack of black armpits, longer and narrower wings then the nearby black-bellieds and a thinner-longer bill. The birds was in non-breeding plumage. Even though I got an extended look at this bird in flight I don't believe there is any way that I can fully ID this bird past Golden Plover sp. though it was most likely a Pacific. Any additional opinions on Golden Plover ID in flight would be great!!!

Shortly afterwards I met Dominik Mosur and we birded Frank's Dump, which is apparently where the Peregrine just came from leaving few peeps to sort through. We did however find a nice assortment of shorebirds:

Several Short-billed Dows
2 Red-necked Phalaropes
3 Sanderlings
3 Ruddy Turnstones
15 Red Knots
1 Snowy Plover

We then headed over to the Hayward Ponds which held at least 7 Boneparte's Gulls.

Finally we visited the tern colony towards the Hayward Interpretive Center and found 1 Black Skimmer and Several Least terns feeding young. We actually were able to hear the young least terns beg to the parents which is actually a quite a distinctive call and one I had never heard before.

Good Birding,

Zach Baer

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