Nimitz Way, Tilden Park - MacGillivray's Warbler, Violet-green Swallow, Osprey

George A Suennen

Hello all,

Allen and I stopped by the Nimitz Way location to look for the MacGillvray's Warbler.
While there we spotted a pair of Violet-green Swallows, lots of Wilson's Warblers, and
2 pair of Western Bluebirds. While talking to Phila Rogers, who happened to walk by,
I saw a couple of Red-tailed Hawks (plus a small group of Ravens) circle over head. After
they past, I saw what I thought was another one come fly over, but it turned out to be
an Osprey. It circled twice then proceeded east.

After waiting around for about half an hour, we decided to leave, but as we walk
back I spotted the MacGillivray's singing in a pine tree on the west side of the trail.
It kept it's back to us while it sang, so didn't get the best shot possible:

(Phila I did whistle, but I don't think you heard me)

Also had a mystery bird, which looks like a warbler, but I couldn't id:

Maybe someone might have an idea.

Full set of photos at:

Best Regards,

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