Hayward Shoreline - Wednesday morning

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Sorry about posting late but had problems getting to this site.

The following were seen Wednesday morning 7/21/2010:

Pacific Golden-Plover...seen just as the incoming tide was coving the mudflat just north of the mouth of Blockman Channel. I was able to watch it a few minutes before it flew off to the south with about eight Black-bellied Plovers. I could not relocate it at Frank's Dump West later on.

The Semipalmated Sandpiper was present about 9:30am at Frank's Dump West but I could not relocate it an hour later. Also present were 4 Wilson's Phalaropes, 2 Red-necked Phalropes, Snowy and Semipalmated Plovers and a single Ruddy Turnstone. No luck on finding any Red Knots or the Whimbrel. Also had three Least Terns fly by that were pointed out by Bob Richmond.

Three Ruddy Turnstones and two Black Turnstones were at Hayward Landing.

A single Bonaparte's Gull was in the Hayward City Pond just east of Mt. Trashmore.

At the San Leandro marina there were about a dozen each of Black Turnstones and Surfbirds.

No Oystercatchers seen by me today.

Bob Dunn
San Leandro

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