Albany Bulb & Tilden


Today on the Albany Mudflats, a drake American Wigeon joined the small
summering flock of Greater Scaup and their attendant Canvasback. Out on the
bulb, a flock of 20 Black Turnstones and a single Ruddy flew in and landed
near us.

Yesterday in Tilden, a female Belted Kingfisher was working Jewel Lake,
while a group of woodpeckers occupied the pines just north of the Nature
Center. 3 Nuttall's, at least 2 Hairys, and a Downy were all visible in short
succession or simultaneously.

And last Thursday, a juv/female Hooded Oriole flew over us at the Berkeley
Marina, heading from the direction of the soccer fields out toward the
Brian Fitch & Crew

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