Marsh Wren

Deborah Hecht <hechtlich@...>

I was w/friends at Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District ponds last week,
around 10:30 a.m. After watching all the Cliff Swallows who are too quick
and numerous to count, and whose nests are under the bridge, the first bird
I saw was what looked like a Marsh Wren. It was standing just outside the
reeds on a mudbank. I called one of my friends over so she could see, too.
Her husband, who had the spotting scope, wasn't with us at that point.
Another wren-like bird ran up in a wren-like way to this bird and they both
ran forward into the reeds in front of them. We were too far away to really
note anything more than that it had the shape of a wren, the upright tail of
a wren, and was tiny. Has anyone out there seen a Marsh Wren? I ask
because later on, we encountered another birder who lived in the area, and
when I said we may have seen a Marsh Wren, she said we couldn't have, they
are never seen out on the mud flats where we were, only where she lives.
She said it was probably a song sparrow. I thought that was a kind of
proprietary statement - they either are or aren't seen out on mudflats, even
if only occasionally.

We also saw:
3 Black-crowned Night Herons
Numerous White Pelicans
3 Cinnamon Teals
Numerous Mallards, male and female, and Mallard ducklings
1 Green Heron (in flight)
1 Northern Harrier (in flight)
Several Mockingbirds
Black-necked Stilts (numerous)
1 Amorphous Grebe
Great Egrets (numerous)
Snowy Egrets (numerous)
Canada Geese (numersous - be careful where you step if you go out there)

-Debbie Hecht

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