West Shore-Lake Chabot

janet ellis

Been to West Shore before but not for birds. So I decided to see what was here.
At the beginning there were the usual
Spotted Towhees, Fox Sparrows, and RC Kinglet, Bushtits and Chickadees.
As I approached the dam, I stopped, listened and heard in the distance the Varied Thrush. The whole trip I kept hearing them but they were out of reach up the hill where there is no trail and lots of Poison Oak. So I had to settle on listening to that nice song that I pointed out to the curious.
I also found a spot for anyone wanting to view or take pictures of some small birds and tired of chasing them across the trees. I provided a map where there is water coming off the hill, under the trail and out a pipe toward the lake. It's dripping is creating a little bird spa. Just standing there I was able to take pictures of Townsend Warbler, Hutton's Vireo, Chickadees and other small birds taking advantage of the water by drinking and bathing in this spot.
I entered from Estudillo into Lake Chabot Park where the West Shore access is.
Heard there is a Bald Eagle across the way but didn't see it. Did see RT Hawk and Osprey.

Janet Ellis
San Leandro

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